Epoxy, Acrylic, Gelcoat, Porcelain, Ceramic, Plastic, Stone, Wood, Vinyl

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Epoxy, Acrylic, Gelcoat, Porcelain, Ceramic, Plastic, Stone, Wood, Vinyl

We are Surface Repair Specialists


Over time, hard surfaces such as countertops, bathtubs, flooring, furniture, etc. can develop imperfections. You may have noticed a crack, chip, or stain that you can’t get rid of. At Fixation Surface Repair, we provide all types of restoration and surface repair services for almost every type of hard surface. Whether you have a major crack or just a small chip, we’d love to help. We have been providing repairs in the Lower Mainland Area for over 15 years, and we’ve always delivered amazing results at an affordable price.

We repair chips, cracks, etching, and blemishes to all natural stone surfaces including, but not limited to: quartz, marble, granite, Caesar stone, travertine, and all engineered stones. Once repaired, we polish it to a factory-matched finish so our customers can forget about what was there before.

We provide cleaning, as well as grout restoration, to make your surface look new and fresh again! We can also colour match the grout you have and fix cracks in the tile at the same time.

At Fixation Surface Repair, we pride ourselves on wood surface restoration. Whether the surface is hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or melamine, we can have it looking like new for you again! Chips, scratches, and holes can disappear with the proper restoration techniques.

Window and door frames can develop chips and scratches just like any other hard surface. We can repair most cracks and holes on window frames, including vinyl door frames. Best of all, these repairs can be colour matched to your existing exterior/interior colour.

We provide repairs and restorations for all types of Cabinet, whether it is wood, particle board, or laminate.

Bathtubs & showers are often prone to chips, cracks, and holes from mounting solutions. We can help repair these areas professionally, saving the customer thousands of dollars, rather than replacing them!

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture that has been marked or damaged? From antique to modern finishes, we can help you restore the damaged finish! Check out our Instagram for some before and after photos.

While fiberglass boat repairs are a bit more complicated than those you'd find on wooden boats, most small dings, scratches, and even small holes are, indeed, repairable. We provide expert surface repairs to all types of boat surfaces, including chips, scratches, dents, and stains.